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The mission of Magical Promotions is to provide the optimum entertainment and learning experience in the Art of Magic.  We are of the firm belief that everybody is capable of enjoying and/or performing magic to the best of their ability.  In learning the concepts and effects of magic, the benefits will improve one socially, psychologically and mentally.  

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Gary Dreifus: The Dominant Mind, Gary Dreifus: On the Shoulders of Giants and Gary Dreifus: The Overweight & Middle-Aged Magician; a one-man/individual magic show.


Gary Dreifus has been performing magic, mentalism and hypnosis for over 35 years.  He has taught Magic classes at Kingsborough Community College for over 15 years.  An accomplished entertainer, lecturer, motivational speaker, his clients have included the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, NYC Department of Education, AT&T, Medgar Evers College, CUNY, Verizon, Police Square Club, Freemasons, the New York Marfan Society, Knights of Pythias, the Wounded Warriors program and other varied corporations and non-profit organizations throughout the country. 

It's easy.


The Magic Academy is a client-centered, experiential-based socio-educational approach utilizing the art of magic in the context of empowering an empathetic, professional trainer/client relationship with the fundamental goal of individual growth and development.  It is a systematic approach by which clients learn to focus and accomplish specific goals by learning magic effects – simple at first and then more complex tricks as they progress – and then exploring the benefits of each.


Most importantly, The Magic Academy is fun!  Activities combine education and imagination to help people improve their abilities in planning, sequencing, organizing tasks and movements, fine motor skills, gross motor function/coordination, concentration, memory skills, communication, social behaviors, and so much more.


Magic at Coney!!! is a magical variety show highlighting a vast array of magicians, featuring illusionists, escape artists, mentalists and close-up magicians from around the world.


Over 100 years ago, Coney Island was the Mecca of magicians.  The local sideshows at Dreamland, Luna Park and Steeplechase Park, as well as the dance halls and theaters were a proving ground for those performing artists looking to hone their skills.  Luminaries such as Houdini, his brother Hardeen, Cary Grant, William "Budd" Abbott, Dai Vernon, Jean Hugard and Al Flosso were featured artists who went on to stardom around the world.


Magic at Coney!!! has re-kindled that spark of enchantment for the past three years as an award-winning evening of fun and wonder for the entire family.

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