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Gary Dreifus has been bringing people together through magic throughout his life, because “everyone, from all walks of life, of every age, loves magic.”

Dreifus started out teaching magic at community centers, mostly with children, but found that there was also a value in teaching magic to adults. He started the Magic at Coney!!! Project, returning the art of magic back to the boardwalk after it had been absent for over 100 years."

Brooklyn Home Reporter and Sunset News
- Brooklyn Spectator

"This astounding legacy for the art of magic at Coney Island continues under the watchful eye of Gary Dreifus, who has been producing Magic at Coney!!! since 2010. His work on the show is pure gold directly from his enormous heart. His passion for this wonderful institution is contagious, and it is an inspiration to see it continue to thrive, as today's modern greats perform alongside the magic legends of tomorrow."

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