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Lee Alan Barrett

Award winning Magic from one of the top stand-up Comedy Magicians in the country, Lee Alan Barrett is an icon at Magic at Coney!!!


Phil Crosson 

Phil Crosson brings his sophisticated, classical brand of Magic back to Coney Island!


Omar Olusion 

Omar is a magician who has performed his unique style of entertainment for Ripley's Believe It or Not, Spike TV and NY Carousel.   He is one of the funniest, zaniest performers to ever grace the Coney Island stage.


Harry Mandel 

Harry Mandel's unique blend of amazing magic effects, comedy, mentalism, and escapes, has been delighting audiences since 1989. He has appeared at the world famous Copacabana and various Comedy Clubs as well as on local TV shows.

Richard Cohn 

Noted performer and magic historian, Richard Cohn presents A Selection of Strange, featuring a special amalgam of Coney Island wizardry, history, music, and legend. Richard has been a magic consultant to Criss Angel, Julie Taymor, ABC-TV, Disney, and Dreamworks. He has delighted audiences with appearances on TV, at theaters, hotels, libraries, and conventions in Europe, Canada, and throughout the U.S.


Thomas Solomon 

The World’s Greatest Escape Artist, as evidenced by an award-winning handcuff act (2000 World Magic Awards) at The Roxy, The Magic Castle, Limelight, MK, Bally's, the White House and on several television specials throughout the world

Roderick Rooks

Making his Magic at Coney!!! debut this summer, Roderick Rooks was one of the most innovative, imaginative and creative magicians to arrive to the New York area from the west coast.


Carl Mercurio & Jipei 

Classic blend of comedy and magic by the world-class author, magician and humorist. Carl and Jipei present the beautiful and rarely ever seen “Dance of the Fans” on the Magic at Coney!!! stage!



Torkova is an Award Winning Mind Reader and Magician who has performed all over the world. Torkova’s entertainment skills along with his warm wit is the reason the New York Post has called him, "...unquestionably among the best."



Producer of Evenings of Wonder, owner of Rogue’s Magic & Funshop, Roger “Rogue” Quan is one of the funniest, craziest magicians to be seen at Magic at Coney!!!

Dr. Zenitram 

Dr. Zenitram returns to the stage of Magic at Coney!!!  Comedy and Mentalism from the Magical Doctor of the Mind.

King Henry 

King Henry is one of the top requested children’s performers in the New York area performing his own brand of comedy magic at venues such as Victorian Gardens in NYC, Luna Park in Coney Island, Radio Disney promotional events, and many more. King Henry is currently the on-field announcer for The Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball Team in Coney Island and has been a staple at the at the ballpark since 2003. Be careful when he sneezes something magical might happen. A real family favorite!

Harrison Greenbaum 

Harrison Greenbaum is one of the most in-demand comics working today. One of Comedy Central's "Comics to Watch," Harrison won the Andy Kaufman Award for originality and creativity in comedy, the Magners Comic Stand-Off, and a Shorty Award. Called the "hardest-working man in comedy" by the New York Daily News, Harrison is the warm-up comedian for Katie, Katie Couric's talk show, and a producer on Primetime: Would You Fall for That? on ABC. Harrison has been featured on SPIKE TV, the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio and writes for MAD Magazine.


Dennis DiMartino 

The irascible Dennis Dimartino is a regular at Coney Island, having appeared on Good Morning America, The Conan O'Brien show and at Brooklyn Cyclones baseball games.


Captain Faust 

Musician, Composer, Artist, Actor, Captain Faust is truly a wizard in the world of Entertainment as a multi-media composer of the Sonic, as well as the Visual.


Robin Channing 

World-class magician, contact juggler, seeker of wonder, professional liar, occupational cheater and eternal student of the secret arts.


Michael Matson & Noel-Marie 

Award Winning Magical Artist, Michael Matson, performs dazzling displays of incredible sleight-of-hand wizardry as Noel-Marie charms the crowd as the main musical attraction and Michael's onstage assistant! Together, they form... The Dynamic Duo of Deception!

Tanya Solomon 

Tanya Solomon is a magician and variety performer, having produced and hosted the Wonder Farm Cabaret in New Orleans, worked with the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Coney Island Sideshows by the Seashore and Whirlybones Variety Arts Collective, among others. She has performed at festivals throughout the US and Europe.


Tango Magic 

Award-winning Magician Tango Magic brings his Master Manipulation act from the South Bronx to South Brooklyn!


Apollo Riego 

Award winning Magic from one of the top young card manipulation experts in the country. Apollo Riego calls himself a “Fusion Illusionist”, incorporating dance, mime and martial arts with Magic.


Amazing Louie 

Visual Magic performed by an incredibly talented, top professional, seen on television and in Las Vegas showrooms


David Schwartz 

World-class, refined magician, who combines expert sleight-of-hand and clever psychology to create elegant mysteries.


The Great Ragidy Supreme 

The Great Ragidy Supreme presents his Magic in the most dazzling and spectacular style using theatrical music and amazing effects. You won't believe your eyes!


Eric Wilzig 

Magic and Illusion from “The Rising Star of Magic” as seen on NBC’s hit show; “America’s Got Talent”. Don’t let his age fool you… just his Magic!


Les the Mentalist 

Returning to the Magic at Coney!!! stage, Les the Mentalist explores the mysteries of the human mind by exhibiting feats of uncanny cognition, parapsychology and clairvoyance.


The Amazing Tarquin 

The Amazing Tarquin has been a celebrated author, inventor and performer of Magic for the past 3 decades!


Mike Applegate 

Mike Applegate a.k.a. "Magic Mike," is a 25-year Navy Veteran who performs in Japan at the military bases. His full time job is an English teacher for Department of Defense Schools. He was recently featured in "Magic in the Classroom," an on-line news source. He has entertained in Europe and Asia and is excited to be performing in his birthplace of Brooklyn, NY.


Rich Kameda 

Rich Kameda is known as the “Astonishing Asian”. He performs, teaches, consults and writes for amateurs and professionals alike.  Rich is one of the regular performers at Ninja New York.

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